What impress you the most after this class?

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What impress you the most after this class?

Post by Aileen.Li on Fri Sep 27, 2013 7:38 pm

Question We almost finished all the class today. What impress you the most after this class? Question Question 

Connection and relax is my answer:lol: 

I have been working as new product engineer for over 7 years. Innovation is a necessary skill for this position. I’m thinking about new ideas every day. So at the beginning, I thought I would be familiar with main concept of this course but I realized I was wrong right after the first class. Connection is highlight by Dr. Ali that if we put a common concept to a new application area, it is called innovation. Putting the word “sisters””friends” on the Coca-Cola bottle is an innovation because they have not been shown up at there before and it caused a very good selling. That impressed me a lot.

Another thing is relax; we have got lots of pressure in our daily work, and chasing new ideas every day. But the faster we run, the deeper they hide. Let’s just have some Jazz and relax for a while. Our brain will be ready to welcome new ideas to shown up after that.

These are mine, what’s yours?

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