The discussion on the development of creativity in China

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The discussion on the development of creativity in China

Post by vivivan koo on Thu Sep 26, 2013 6:43 am

Under the condition of globalization,western countries such as England, the United States etc, take creativity as their core. Nowadays, the creativity in no longer just a conception,but the direct reality which has a huge economic industry.Their creativity industry is a newly arising industry which provides the public with cultural, art, spiritual, mental and entertaining products.
Meanwhile, as a major developing country, China is often described as lack real creativity. Is that true?
If it was true, how about the move which is pivotal to the story of Alibaba? How about the true that from shoes to electronics to kitchen appliances, that ubiquitous stamp, "Made in China, " has become a symbol of the times?
Actually, China is not endlessly creative, but lack of the courage to practice.
In my view, the type of future enterprise that Chinese business leaders will have to create and that the Chinese government will need to encourage. These tycoons should need to make more efforts to open up its mind, renew ideas, innovate theories and apply them freely so as to be in further harmony with international society.
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Re: The discussion on the development of creativity in China

Post by james.wangjun on Thu Oct 10, 2013 7:31 pm

I agree with the idea that the development of creativity in China depends on the visions of Chinese entrepreneurs. Take the automatic controls industry I work for as an example, many Chinese local companies follow the strategy of "Imitate and Copy". They manufacture and offer a lot of low margin copycats to the market without any creativity. They do not even care about the intellectual property rights. However, it is obvious that this is not a sustainble approach. Whilst gobal companies are sustaining and enlarging their strategic advantages by product, service and business model innovation, vision of creativity is essentially required for our Chinese entrepreneurs. Otherwise, in the end, the market will give them up. Creativity is considered to be the soul of a company.

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