Share your real examples illustrating important concepts from CBI course

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Share your real examples illustrating important concepts from CBI course

Post by Alexis YANG(2013960273) on Tue Sep 24, 2013 8:33 pm

Today I have been extremely excited for discovering some concrete and vivid examples in my job about the philosophic sentences that were taught on previous classes. I understood them and now I remember them well. I'd like to share one of them and hope you will feel in the same way.

Understanding about “ more is sometimes less”
For some product development, in order to catch up with the competition, R&D worked out some models with similar main features, plus some additional external display, better hinges and better finishing( innox looking), which gives impression of higher quality.
However, are these added functions really the most suitable for the market in terms of customer expectations? Are consumers ready to pay for these additional features, so called “ more added-value functions”?

The answer is not really, since a product that sells well need definitely answer the needs of consumers, this does not mean the more features you add, the more suitable it will be.
Maybe by putting same investment, instead of having a display on the door, and innox finishing, which gives no essential change on the product itself, why not cancel this display and innox finishing(less cost), and divide that upright one-door freezer into a 2-door freezer, which will definitely present a totally different aspect of the innovative product.

For sure this innovation still lay in its own field and area, just with some enhancements.
In order to destabilize the market, creating opportunity for a unknown brand, some more “disruptive” innovation seems quite urgent and important.

See you next time Very Happy 
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